Shelf LED Display Selection Guide

Shelf LED Display is a digital shelf display that shows prices and other relevant information about an item on the shelf of a retail store. It can attract customer attention and increase sales, making it an important marketing tool for retailers. But how do you choose a Shelf LED Display that suits your needs? This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to choose one.

Display effect

The display of Shelf LED Display is the first factor in the selection. A good Shelf LED Display should have high brightness, high contrast and high resolution to display the price and other information of products clearly and brightly. It should also have multiple display modes that can be set up to meet different marketing needs, such as price, discount, promotion, etc.

At present, the clearest LED display is P0.7/P0.9, the medium one is P1.25, and the regular one is P1.5/P1.8.

Size and shape

The size and shape of the shelf LED display is also an important factor in the selection. It should match the size and shape of the shelf and will not take up too much shelf space or affect the display effect of the goods. It should also have good adjustability, so that the display angle and height can be adjusted as needed to achieve the best display effect.
The commonly used height size is 60mm, 80mm. There is a height of 88mm display on the market, which can freely adjust the tilt angle of the product is also a good choice, which can take into account the display effect and occupy the position of unity. Of course, they can all be seamlessly connected at infinite length, which is good.

Remote Control

The remote control function of the Shelf LED Display is also a key element in the selection. It should enable remote control and management of the shelf display via wireless communication technology, allowing for quick updates of prices and other information. It should also have good compatibility and can be integrated with retailers’ POS systems and other management software for real-time price updates and special offers.

Energy consumption

The energy consumption of Shelf LED Display is also an important element in the selection. It should use low-power LED beads and intelligent control technology, which can achieve power saving and energy conservation, reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. At the same time, it should also have good stability and reliability, and can operate stably for a long time without frequent failures.

Brand and after-sales service

The brand and after-sales service of Shelf LED Display are also important elements in the selection. It should choose a well-known brand with good reputation and credibility that can guarantee the quality and stability of the product. At the same time, it should also have good after-sales service that can solve users’ problems and needs in time and provide a good user experience.

To sum up, choosing a Shelf LED Display that suits your needs requires consideration of several factors, including display effect, size and shape, remote control, energy consumption, brand and after-sales service. Only by considering all these factors can you choose a Shelf LED Display with high quality, high performance and high stability.

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