Application Cases


LED control system: the “brain” of the LED display

With the deepening of global information technology and display technology innovation, display has become one of the main channels of information transmission, its downstream applications are very wide, LED display industry is expected to grow to $20.2 billion in 2023. As the core component of LED display, commonly known as “the brain of LED display”, LED control system also in response to the development needs, more and more towards segmentation, has developed into a 500 ~ 600 million U.S. dollars of professional LED display control market.

When LED display meets “meta-universe”

In 2021, “meta-universe” emerged and took the capital and technology circles by storm, with companies either strengthening their meta-universe layout or announcing their entry into the meta-universe. on December 26, 2021, meta-universe also successfully made the list of the top 10 keywords for A-shares in 2021 released by Cai Lian News Agency, which shows its …

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

The ultimate example of LED display: the visual effects of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

With the core expression of “Building a Community of Human Destiny”, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games presents a romantic, beautiful and modern event to the world by integrating the concepts of technological innovation, low-carbon environment protection and sports and health. The visual effect is extremely aesthetic and is the ultimate example of the current LED display application.

What are the special requirements of the popular outdoor 3D LED display?

Since the release of Avatar in 2009, 3D display technology has been rapidly developed and rapidly expanded from theater 3D projection to display devices such as TVs and LED displays, which once caused a sensation in the LED display industry. But these years has been the development of low-key, until 2020, a number of 3D …

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