When LED display meets “meta-universe”

In 2021, “meta-universe” emerged and took the capital and technology circles by storm, with companies either strengthening their meta-universe layout or announcing their entry into the meta-universe. on December 26, 2021, meta-universe also successfully made the list of the top 10 keywords for A-shares in 2021 released by Cai Lian News Agency, which shows its attention.

At present, VR/AR devices are already widely known as the entrance-level terminals for humans to connect to the meta-universe, and the immersion of VR/AR devices comes from higher resolution and refresh rate, Micro LED and Micro OLED display technology has been rising recently, and A-share related companies have also received great attention.

In contrast, augmented reality as the application direction of LED big screen in the meta-universe era, but only some people will associate it with the meta-universe. Many people understand the meta-universe as a virtual world, which is undoubtedly a misinterpretation, they will augmented reality class meta-universe to ignore.

In fact, the world of virtual reality created by the LED screen, at the current stage of technology, has a wide range of application scenarios no less than VR/AR devices.


Naked eye 3D display

Outdoor scenes mainly, taking into account indoor

With the impactful visual experience brought by the stereoscopic picture effect, naked eye 3D display is rapidly heating up in 2021 and is widely used in several scenes, including shopping malls, tourist attractions, major celebrations, etc.

In shopping malls, naked eye 3D is mainly based on city landmarks or commercial bodies, relying on giant naked eye 3D large screens, combined with immersive creative content expression, becoming a new way to show brand and city image promotion.

In addition, naked eye 3D can also develop indoor application scenes, such as naked eye 3D virtual fish tank. Naked eye 3D virtual fish tank can be changed at any time according to the owner’s wishes, the species of fish “raised” and the movement of the fish, both personalized and technological.

Overall, the application of naked eye 3D scenes to outdoor, and this application scene naturally has a harsh environment, such as ultraviolet, high temperature, extreme cold, dust, etc., so the product in the protection level, technical standards, weather resistance and other aspects of a higher standard of requirements.

XR virtual shooting

What you see is what you get, a way to reduce film and TV production costs

XR virtual filming development is just in time. On the one hand, under the epidemic, due to safety factors, film and television production teams have difficulties in field location shooting, and therefore prefer to rent or purchase XR virtual studio virtual shooting; on the other hand, XR virtual shooting for film and television production teams in the travel, scenery, post-production and other links to save a lot of costs, and actors can directly interact with the virtual scene, what you see is what you get, greatly reducing the Acting difficulty, is now an extremely friendly means of film and television shooting.

In addition to film and television production, XR virtual filming can also be applied to virtual studios, as well as online concerts, product launches and other virtual events, bringing the audience a strong sense of presence in online events.

Immersive experience space

The integration and collision of culture and technology

At present, everything can be “immersed”, including corporate exhibition halls, program displays, immersive cultural tourism projects, creative entertainment (such as immersive script killing, racing), etc. The integration of culture and technology brings a multi-sensory comprehensive experience, allowing the audience to deeply feel the charm of the metaverse.

The immersive experience space creates an immersive virtual simulation presentation environment with multiple LED screens, allowing the audience to have an interactive experience in a physical space where virtual and reality intermingle.

LED display will help meta-universe to realize industrialization

Although the construction of meta-universe is in full swing, as a new industry and a sunrise industry, there are still many problems with meta-universe.

Internally, although there are many meta-universe-related concept stocks, the core companies are not yet clear, and the number of supporting companies is relatively small, so it still needs some time for the companies to integrate and adjust with each other.

Externally, the meta-universe system is ambitious and needs huge capital support, but the lack of policies and imperfect regulatory system also affect the construction of the meta-universe.

The uncertainty of the future calls for the industry and the market to return to rationality and look at the development of meta-universe rationally. At the same time, the infancy of the meta-universe also needs more tolerance, patiently waiting for the maturity of technology and ecology. And in this process, LED display will also become a big help to open the door of meta-universe with the progress of technology and the integration of digitalization, intelligence and scenario.

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