Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Interpreting the Beijing Winter Olympics: The Digital Display Technology Behind the Opening Ceremony

"World's Largest LED Stage"

Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony big screen interpretation

Ground display system as the opening performance display system and performance stage, carrying more than 60% of the opening ceremony performance ideas, is currently the world’s largest LED three-dimensional stage, pixels reached 14880×7248, close to eight 8K resolution, can perfectly present the naked eye 3D effect. The total area of the stage application LED display is close to 15,000 square meters.

In order to present the Winter Olympics digital technology ideas perfectly in front of the world and to cooperate with director Zhang Yimou to tell the Chinese story, the ground display is built with 42,208 LED modules of 50 cm square to create an immersive experience space.

Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium LED Display
Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium LED floor plan
Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium LED floor plan

In order to achieve display synchronization and immersive effect, the technical team designed the broadcast control system in accordance with meeting the best point-to-point display effect, and designed a total of seven groups of 8K playback servers and six groups of video splicers to achieve synchronization of video output from multiple players.

Playback control chart
Playback control chart
Video Playback Partition Map
Video Playback Partition Map

In addition, in order to avoid the risk of serial failure caused by traditional daisy-chain cascade synchronization, 1 set of frame synchronization signal generator is used to provide unified external synchronization signal for 14 playback servers and 24 video splicers at the same time to ensure that 38 independent devices keep working in synchronization and do not interfere with each other, with synchronization time error not exceeding 2μs and screen pixel scan error not exceeding 1 line.

Safe and reliable for the world to see

Perfection, perfection, perfection

In the design and construction of the ground LED display system for the opening ceremony, the technical team took the initiative to introduce aerospace quality management methods and incorporate strict standards into every step. After sufficient testing and verification, each LED display module and link cable, facing the low temperature of -20℃ in winter, as well as the high-intensity rehearsal trampling of actors and the crushing of equipment and machinery, can steadily present the smooth picture effect of super 8K HD video, subverting the spatial structure of traditional performance stage, realizing human-screen interaction and creating digital multi-dimensional spatial effects.

For such a large LED screen how to achieve reliable, safe and stable power supply is also one of the technical team to solve the problem.

The total power consumption of the three display devices of the opening stage is very large, the main and backup power supply circuits need 2,600kW each, the three devices share 52 sets of 100kW airbox distribution cabinets, 534 sets of 20kW power distributors and 198,000 meters of various wires and cables.

The technical team adopted dual power supply and dual power mode in the design of the LED display distribution system.

Dual backup power supply design

That is, in each LED unit box configuration of a main and a backup two switching power supply, the two power supply mode of operation for the even flow of hot standby mode. When the normal power supply, each power supply carries 50% of the electrical load, and when one of the power supplies fails, the other power supply can immediately carry 100% of the electrical load, without switching power off delay.

Secondary power distribution cabinets are all designed as aero-box type aero-insert power distribution cabinets

System four backup, pixel four backup

The whole project cycle of Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony spans the summer and rainy season in July and August in Beijing and the winter and snow season from December to February. In order to guarantee the smooth holding of the opening ceremony, the technical team researched and developed a high-performance LED display module with waterproof, anti-slip, anti-glare and high load according to the complex internal and external environment faced when applying the super large area LED display module at the opening ceremony site, in order to adapt to outdoor LED display and its components all reach IP66 protection standard, completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects and withstand strong water spray when the water intake of the appliances will not have a harmful effect.

LED ground screen display panel is also equipped with anti-glare, anti-molar pattern, anti-slip fogging mask, display screen soft, for the camera relay to provide a full focal length without clutter, interference-free pure video display screen.

LED protective face shield
LED protective face shield

At the same time, taking into account the safety, the design of the structural components are mainly made of metal, and some parts are made of plastic-containing material with flame retardant grade, and the device is designed with decentralized arrangement to dissipate heat evenly and effectively avoid the risk of heat concentration.

Before the opening ceremony, the staff adjusted the system through several rehearsals and tests, frequent installation and disassembly to test the system’s resistance.

In addition, this Winter Olympics opening ceremony used the system four backups and pixel four backups for the first time to ensure foolproof.

On February 4, when China once again stunned the world with its stunning light and shadow, every brilliant light reflected the wisdom and sweat of Chinese people.

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