China’s commercial display industry has entered a booming era, do you know the history of commercial display development?

Relevant data show that the commercial display industry is growing rapidly, and last year has taken 40% of the global industry revenue. At present, commercial display covers a wide range of areas, involving all aspects of people’s lives, including mainly government and enterprise units, education, retail, medical, transportation, conferences and other industries, product types are also endless, in order to meet the needs of people’s lives, product iteration is fast, rapid update.

In recent years, China’s commercial display market size in the last 10 years grew about three times, in just ten years, there is such a horrible growth rate, no doubt reflects the specific huge value of this industry in the market. The huge market value, has now become the major panel manufacturers must compete, of course, also attracted a large number of new and old manufacturers to join the competition. For the expansion of their own market, further growth in profits, are the focus of these new and old factories at the moment.

In order to let more people understand the business display industry, we will talk about the development history of the business display industry today.

Phase 1: Turning paper into screen

In 2002, China’s first LCD advertising machine installed in Shenzhen bus, Shenzhen SAR modeled after Hong Kong for advertising, replacing the traditional advertising posters and light boxes for the first time, to achieve the paper into the screen, this LCD advertising machine by Japan Toshiba production.

In 2003, Focus Media was born, the world’s first elevator media, founder Jiangnan Chun. 2005 became the first Chinese advertising media stocks listed in the U.S. NASDAQ and was selected in the NASDAQ 100 index in 2007.

In 2009, outdoor advertising machine as one of the outdoor media advertising carriers, not affected by natural weather to display information in the outdoors, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment to the dissemination of information in the outdoors.

Phase II: Internet of Everything Network Edition

From Android 1.0 to Android 7.1, many manufacturers have joined the development of Android system, which is widely used in the commercial display industry. From stand-alone to networked, commercial display equipment began the first step of the Internet of everything.

In 2012, the electronic newspaper reading board, is an important innovation in the development of media integration, carrying more social functions, not only simply provide news, but also by providing multiple scenes under the service function, to attract more audiences.

At the end of 2015, Jingdong officially launched the “commercial display” project. April 1, 2016, the first commercial display brand officially launched. July “commercial display” channel in Jingdong officially online release.

In 2016, the commercial display integrated backlight set was launched, which is different from the existing touch screen, LCD, shell and other traditional fragmented procurement and assembly mode. Commercial display standardization of the two conventional products: one backlight set of materials, LCD module set of materials.

Phase III: human-computer interaction intelligent version

In 2017, it can be regarded as the first year that the commercial display industry officially stepped into wisdom, and the wisdom commercial display has greatly improved the user’s experience, evolving from a simple advertising machine into an intelligent terminal, with the hardware becoming a touch screen, adding card swipers, printers, cameras and so on no longer limited to one-way communication. More and more diverse wisdom self-service terminals began to come out to provide people with convenient services.

Phase IV: artificial intelligence intelligent version

From 2019, 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, new retail and other wisdom-based industries are booming, and the demand for commercial display products is strong, which invariably promotes the rapid development of the wisdom-based commercial display industry.

In early April 2020, Samsung announced that it would stop producing LCD LCD panels one after another in July and accelerate the transition to OLED. Global chip shortage, commercial display fully into the 3.0 era.

In 2021, the application level of commercial display will be further deepened, and more “intelligent display” application values will be created based on the support of 5G, AI and cloud computing. 2021 is the first year of the concept of “meta-universe”, as the latest product of audiovisual technology, wisdom and intelligence. The year 2021 is the first year of the “metaverse” concept, and as the latest product of audiovisual technology and the new interaction mode of wisdom and information world, how the metaverse integrates with the commercial display industry has become a hot spot of concern for the industry.

In 2022…

In the Internet of Things era, the interaction and link between people and people, things and things, and cities and cities will be more intelligent in the future, and commercial display devices will evolve from unidimensional intelligence to more multidimensional wisdom. Smart commercial display greatly enhances the user’s experience, and riding on the east wind of new retail and unmanned retail, smart commercial display will get a new round of development opportunities.

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