Stage performance

Why do most of the stage performances use LED big screen?

Nowadays, the use of LED displays in stage performances has become very common. It is rich in expressiveness; it can simulate the real scene, reproduce the nature, also can appear the effect image, also can be used to show the information and so on.

It has the flexibility and virtual nature that can not be compared with traditional scenery, but also has the characteristics of light source that lighting has in part.

Such as large screen is made of light-emitting diodes, through its own light source can simulate the present form of time and space shape, but also show the effect of lighting.

So some lighting designers also more advocate the use of it in combination with lighting.

The information it conveys has been difficult to use the traditional background cloth or lighting to define, just like the effect formed with computer lights on the canopy, with similar characteristics.


The previous stage LED screen

In the previous stage performance LED display function is relatively simple, to show video information and synchronized video, in the stage performance at that time, the stage workers will be included in the category of beauty, just as a large TV.

Now the stage LED screen

Now LED display as an extension and supplement of the stage performance, greatly enriched the content of the performance, providing the audience with information outside the performance.

At the same time the scene audience through the LED screen to get rid of a single, fixed perspective, through the LED display audience can even see their own reaction, in the visual also formed a certain sense of freshness.

Create an imaginative and lively atmosphere

As the use of LED big screen in the stage is becoming more frequent and the designer’s creation is improving. In some performance shows, it has emerged as an extremely important constituent element in stage art, forming a new type of aesthetic function.

In the performance, the LED screen appears to match the performance program, replacing the set function, the virtual picture created gives us the space to imagine, more novel and ambient than the real scene.

LED large display screen through the performance theme related to the picture, the audience to a feeling of awakening and inspiration, so that the audience in addition to the appearance of feeling more things, directly affect the audience’s psychological changes, sway the audience’s emotions.

The information obtained by the audience from the images is far greater than that shown by the physical carrier of traditional scenery and lighting machinery.

Versatile and flexible

The technical development of imaging equipment, so that the previous traditional scenery can not achieve the scene, with LED display equipment to achieve is very easy and comfortable. LED in the picture than the traditional scenery convenient and flexible, it can instantly complete the transformation of the picture.

Through technical means, we can use LED playback can be any imaginary picture, dynamic, static, realistic, colorful content, the effect is also more vivid and realistic. Not only brings the audience a new perfect enjoyment, but also forms a new expectation with aesthetic association.

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